Hello everyone! Welcome to Bow Boat Company – and yes it’s Bow as in ‘Great Bell of’ and not bow as in formal or submissive gesture! (Although we do bow down to the volunteers who work so hard to keep the canals flowing & locks locking – more of those later no doubt!) We are the bright green passenger boat with the unusual ‘quilted’ canvas awning which, if you look carefully, you’ll see the design features images of The Great Bell of Bow among other London Landmarks.

Usually you’ll find us cruising the exciting, ever-changing canals and waterways of east and central London, that is to say The Regent’s Canal, Limehouse Cut, Lee Navigation and Hertford Union passing sites such as The Olympic Park, Limehouse Marina, Victoria Park across to Islington, City Road and King’s Cross but we often head up to Camden Lock and occasionally to Little Venice too.

Right now, we find ourselves based in Camden Lock for the next few weeks as we’re helping our friends at The Pirate Castle www.thepiratecastle.org.uk

That’s not to say we’re not available for hire. Bow Boat Co are indeed still available for hire and as it’s Mother’s Day next Sunday – oh you forgot too – you could book the most elegant boat on London’s canals, bring mum, a picnic, some drinkypoos & even your favourite tunes and float up to Little Venice & back for a truly bespoke trip!