Cruise the Canals of East London!
‘The Loop’ – Approx 5 Hours

Cruise the Canals of East London
taking in many sites along the Regent’s Canal, The Hertford Union,
The Limehouse Cut and Lee Navigation.

A good starting point is Limehouse Marina which has great views towards the Thames.
Bow Boat Company cruise along the Limehouse Cut passing the beautiful Hawksmoor church St Anne’s, Limehouse.  We continue towards the amazing 3 Mills Studios.
3 Mills is now a film and television studios where, among many other productions, Danny Boyle  created the fantastic 2012 Olympic opening ceremony.
The mills were originally built in 1700’s. and although no longer in operation, The House Mill remains the largest tidal mill in he world.

We continue our cruise of the canals of East London towards the Olympic Park which hosts various events throughout the year.
Along the Hertford Union we go from early industrial revolution to the almost bucolic scenery
of Victoria Park. With a Pagoda and lake among its many attractions it is London’s
oldest public park.
Turning into the Regent’s Canal we continue past ‘Vicky Park’ as it’s know to the locals and on towards Mile End. Here you’ll see one of London’s most famous East End pubs, The Palm Tree.  Perhaps you would like to pause and pop in for a pint? Your trip can be tailored as you wish. The pub stands alone now, all that remains of a street long gone, heavily bombed during the war. The space has become a wildlife oasis and is now an ecology park.

 Extraordinarily creative and colourful artwork appears at various points along this route. You can see some fantastic street art created by many of the talented artists who make East London their home. If you’re into photography here are some unusual images and views of our great city.

All in all, the cruise of the canals of East London with Bow Boat Company takes approx 5 hours and reveals parts of the capital from unusual perspectives even many Londoners have never seen!

This cruise takes in various London sites described above including:

3 Mills,
The Olympic Park,
Victoria Park,
Mile End Park,
The Ecology Pavillion,
Limehouse Marina.